Get in the Game!

It seems like everyone is talking about their favorite sports team right now. I think there is nothing like cooler weather and the leaves changing color to make it seem like football season. That's not the only game in town though. If you live in Sandusky, Michigan (where CI is located) you start to see all kinds of scarecrows scattered around town. It's a great project undertaken by the Sandusky Community Hearts to bring the town together and decorate the streets.  This year's theme is collegiate sports (get it - get in the game - I know, funny, right?). But in a way, it is like a game. We are on the same team, working together, cheering each other on and picking each other up when need be.  I love my community and we (Clear Ideas) are so proud to have a scarecrow hanging out on Main Street.  I know each of our surrounding communities have different celebrations and projects happening too.  If you own a business, think about getting involved in your local community.  It can be great exposure for your business, but it also can pull you into a network of people that make up a great team!