Re-Design Why?

It seems like only a few years go by and we start thinking about re-design, especially in terms of our website and online presence. At times it can seem overwhelming and sooooo much work. So what is the reason we even consider taking this step? I guess for me it's the fact that our "design" and online presence really is a representation of who Clear Ideas is and, like every other aspect of life, time brings change. Change including available technology, new products and services, and most importantly, changes in the people that make up CI.  Let's face it, our relationship with our customers is no longer limited to 42 Austin Street  and "being there for you"  is an important part of our relationship with you, our friends (aka customers). I look around our office and see everyone hard at work, a wealth of talent in so many areas, and a tremendous amount of heart put into every project. During our busier seasons, the stress level can be pretty high. Summer brings many events and publications and the hours can be long and full from start to finish. Even then there are practical jokes, high fives, home made treats left in the kitchen. I know there are MANY great people in our community, but I have to say that I am truly blessed to be able to work alongside the team here. And I can only smile when I see friends walk in to talk about a project and staff welcomes them as though they are part of the team.  So I truly hope when this new website is up and social media posts are published, that you get a chance to see not only what CI can do for you, but can also see the heart of who Clear Ideas is. We look forward to seeing you soon!