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It's ok, not everyone is perfect...

That is, everyone is not a perfect customer for your business. Your perfect customer is the one who needs and wants what you want to create.

In business we tend to think that, just like ice cream, more is always better. More customers mean more profit. But many times that is not the case. Chasing after ill-fitted customers who won't be loyal to you or evolve your business over the long run is just like the stomach ache that happens after too much "rocky road".

How do you know when you've found them? 

Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself that will help you articulate who your perfect customer is so the process of attracting them is that much easier. 

Where does my customer live?

How old is my customer?

What is my customer's gender?

What is his/her profession?

What is their income?

What are their ideals?

What goals does my customer aspire to achieve?

What are some of their biggest fears and challenges?

What do I want my perfect customers to expect of me?

When answering these questions keep in mind the answers are ideals. You'll have to make some generalization that may not all be true for all of your actual customers. However, this helps you paint a better picture of the type of person you want to serve. And like Seth Godin said, "Everyone is not your customer." And that is perfectly fine.

Once you know that your perfect fit is "superman with sprinkles" or "Cherry Garcia" you can customize how you reach them and grow a long term relationship.

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